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Please contact us before booking any slope passes.

Some weekends are available contact us direct for dates. 

September 2021

:Wednesday 22nd 1pm-3pm

:Friday 24th 10am-12pm

:Wednesday 29th 1pm-3pm 

:Thursday 30th 1pm-3pm

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October 2021

:Friday 1st 1pm-3pm

:Tuesday 5th 11am-1pm 

:Wednesday 6th 12.30pm-2.30pm 

:Thursday 7th 1pm-3pm 

:Tuesday 12th 11am-1pm 

:Wednesday 13th 1pm-3pm

:Thursday 14th 1pm-3pm 

:Friday 15th 10am-12pm

:Tuesday 19th 11am-1pm

:Wednesday 20th 1pm-3pm 

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November 2021

:Tuesday 2nd 11am-1pm

:Wednesday 3rd 1pm-3pm

:Thursday 4th 1pm-3pm 

:Friday 5th 10am-12pm 

:Monday 8th 10am-12pm

:Monday 8th 1pm-3pm

:Tuesday 9th 11am-1pm

:Wednesday 10th 1pm-3pm

:Thursday 11th 10am-12pm

:Thursday 11th 1pm-3pm 

:Monday 15th 10am-12pm

:Monday 15th 1pm-3pm

:Tuesday 16th 11am-1pm

:Wednesday 17th 1pm-3pm

:Thursday 18th 10am-12pm

:Thursday 18th 1pm-3pm

:Friday 19th 10am-12pm 

:Monday 22nd 10am-12pm

:Monday 22nd 1pm-3pm

:Tuesday 23rd 11am-1pm

:Wednesday 24th 1pm-3pm

:Thursday 25th 10am-12pm

:Thursday 25th 1pm-3pm

:Monday 29th 10am-12pm

:Monday 29th 1pm-3pm

:Tuesday 30th 11am-1pm

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December 2021

:Wednesday 1st 1pm-3pm

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