Family Fun Weeks 

These weeks are normally around the February Half Term & Easter Holidays. Group packages can be organised with family and friends. Accommodation, transfer, lift passes, equipment & group lessons. We offer the lessons for all levels of leaners with instruction / guiding offered to meet your requirements. The groups will be split on ability and groups can also be divided by Adults / Kids. The main aim is for everyone to relax, have fun whilst being guided/ taught to improve their skiing skills, safely around the mountain. Meeting for drink stops and lunch breaks is easily organised. The groups will be looked after by the team from 9.30am to 3.30/4pm each day, with start & drop of times, places arranged each day. You let us know what you want to do. 

Professional approach with a relaxed learning environment, where you can input your views to where and what you want to do, with our professional team.


Make the most of your family holidays with the Ski Definition Team organising your trip, looking after your needs during your time in the mountains. 

We can organise small families, to big groups of multiple friends and families. We have the professional team always on hand. 

Come join the team for a wonderful experience in the mountains. 

Check out the videos below to see how great these trips are.

For full information click to contact us and we can start to organise your package for you all. 

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