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NEW IASI Alpine Level 2 Course (Flexi)

New for 2020/21 winter - IASI have introduced a new flexible approach to further training and gaining your level 2 award.

The flexible courses split the level 2 award into two modules that can be taken separately.

Module A (2 Days) - Location: (approved Irish or UK Snow-Sport facilities) 

Module A is a two day training and continuous assessment course specifically looking at the,

Core Skier Development model (the progression of a skier) of the IASI system and the candidate's ability to demonstrate all phases of this.

To successfully complete the module candidates will be expected to demonstrate a sound understanding of the above and how the CSD, Basic principles, IASI Skills model and The Diamond model of Skill Acquisition are applied. - Candidates will also be expected to teach a lesson demonstrating their ability to plan and apply a session within the CSD up to linked parallel turns with the use of a pole plant.

Success at Module A is not recorded as a qualification, however, it will appear on a members license and is a credit towards the full level 2 award.

Module B (4 days) - Location: (Alpine environment) 

Module B is a further four day training and continuous assessment courses and must be taken in an Alpine environment.

This module will focus on the performance aspects of the level 2 award including piste performance turns (short and long) and variable snow conditions including bumps, un-groomed snow and additional activities. - Candidates will be expected to demonstrate their ability to plan and deliver up to 2 sessions. These will be picked by the examiner and will range from the upper CSD stages up to the introduction to piste performance turns and variable conditions. - On completion of both Module A and B candidates are recognised as holding the full level 2 award.


To attend these courses members must already hold a level 1 award and necessary teaching/ shadowing experience. IASI highly recommends getting some quality mountain time/training in before attending a Module B course. Optional 2 day training dates will be available before Module B courses as an additional.

Dates and Prices:


19th and 20th November 2020 9.30am – 5pm

14th and 15th December 2021 9.30am – 5pm


The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead (UK)


£210.00 ( includes all course and slope fees. Candidates must be members of IASI)

To make a booking or enquire please contact

MODULE (B) Planned for Hintertux , Austria & Spain in the spring 2021

(we are waiting for updates on Corona virus before setting exact date)

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