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Covid – 19 Update - 12/5/2020:
Hi from Ski Definition to all Clients and Snowsports Enthusiasts!.


We have been given some updates from the UK and Europe, plus from New Zealand / Australia on the current situations due to Covid-19.

Looking to keep as many clients and snowsports fan in touch with what is currently going on, we are placing some information on the below page.

Emailing and social media, we will be keeping in contact with as many snowsports enthusiasts as we possibly can. Keep the spirits up and keep the enthusiasm alive, which is important during these times. We will all get through this together and normality will come back to us all. 


The Snow Centre: 

We have had news form our friends at The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead, that unfortunately the centre will not be re-opening until the earliest, 

which could be during July. This is subsequent to further announcements from the UK Government on what will happen with the openings of all leisure facilities. We are in contact with The Snow Centre and are monitoring what announcements they make. We have unfortunately due to this had to cancel and look to transfer the June IASI Level 1 exam Ski Instructors course. We have a date already booked in for the next IASI Level 1 Exam in October, but we will continue to work with TSC, to look at other options and dates during 2020 where possible. 

The Snow Centre  Announcement:

Click the Link 

We thank The Snow Centre for their updates and contact during these times. 

European & Southern Hampshire resorts Opening: 

The reports from across the European resorts in the Pyrenees & the Alps, are that some glaciers are looking to open and the resorts are preparing for summer activities, with social distancing and government warnings still being followed. The Southern Hemisphere resorts in New Zealand and Australia are planning on opening at some point, during their winter seasons (June - October 2020). This will give us a good insight into how resorts can operate safely under the new guide lines which are being updated daily. This will give us a clear indication on how the European resorts can work during the winter 2020-21 season. There are still lots of unknowns with travel, insurance, hotels, lift operations, capacities in resorts, boarder controls and the possibilities that a 14 day self isolation period, could be in place on returning from travel abroad. These are strange and difficult times, but we are monitoring everything as much as possible to be able to give some possibilities for times ahead. 

Kitzsteinerhorn- Austria  Announcement:

Click the Link 

Cornet Peak- New Zealand Announcement:

Click the Link

Perisher - Australia Announcement:

Click the Link 


Summer Ski Definition:

We will keep in contact with resorts and regions, to keep up to date with as much information as possible to keep everyone informed on how snowsports can moved forward in these difficult times. The contact with the indoor centres like The Snow Centre Hemel, will give us an idea of when we will be able to start to begin our lessons and courses during 2020. The more information we get, we will pass this on to all our clients, to get sessions going at some point in the future. 

Winter Ski Definition: 

The winter programme will go ahead as soon as we get confirmation from Governments, Resorts, Local Authorities that these are safe for all to use. Winter season 2020-21 could look different with more happening during the later months of the winter, with March, April & May being good options (Easter & Whitsun Holidays) be great opportunities. The contact between companies, resorts, hotels, lift operators will continue, so plans can still be made in advance for when snow sports can access the mountains safely and happily with everyone enjoying themselves again. 


Don't hesitate to get in contact with us regarding your trips, courses or lessons as the future will improve and the good times will be back. 

We are not taking payments for any snowsports activities, but save the date, planes can be made and the optimism can still be there. 

As always,

Stay Safe, Healthy, Happy and keep in touch.

Don't be strangers and keep the optimism alive.

From all the team at Ski Definition - Skidefinition-Group - Baqueira Snowsports Academy

and all our partners.

All the best from

Ali Julie and the team!




Ski With You All Soon

Ski Definition - Up Dates 

Covid – 19 Update - 1/5/2020:
Hi from to all Clients and Snowsports Enthusiasts!

Following one of our partners updates, from 

Peter Gillespie #AlpineCoaching

who we work closely with and chat regularly to,

we thought we would share our views we have been discussing regularly.

We Hope you are all staying well and healthy during these difficult times.

Well none of us saw that coming with the season ripped from under our feet and with such amazing snow in our favourite mountain playgrounds.

Since the untimely end to the season we have been looking at what the “new reality” may look like next season and making some tentative plans.

With the website updated and new information being added all the time.

Social distancing will likely be a normal part of our lives going forwards and we think when in a mountain environment this will be achievable with some adjustments in best practice (our groups are generally small and well disciplined so this is manageable). Peak periods we will look at what advice is given to manage bigger groups being able to achieve these still happening if possible.

Traveling though major travel hubs may see some considerable changes in terms of procedures and times. We are watching eagerly to see how this will shape our guest experience. Constantly monitoring updates to see what effect the travel industry will have on snow sports.

There could also be changes in how guest are accommodated in resort and how accommodation providers will make changes in their operational procedures. We are in touch with our partners and will update when we know more. are still committed to offering Snowsports coaching and lessons in season 20/21. Some of our programme may need to be flexible so at the moment use the advertised courses as “save the date” as these are the dates we intend to run courses but some details may change later. We will keep the website and social media updated as to when and what will happen.

We anticipate the demand will be for more private coaching and guiding from same household members or social circle Pods. (which is where we predict some restrictions may be eased). But again we will keep monitoring updates.

Consider how you may travel to easier to reach venues (the main Alpine chain). Self-driving may be an option to consider specially if you are traveling with same household members or members of your social circle pod. Self-driving and apartment accommodation may become a viable option for groups of skiers next season.

Finally one of the best few days of the season that was had by some in 2020 took place in Scotland where they travelled through no big hubs and stayed in an apartment. Now we know this was exceptional for Scotland but if you catch the weather and conditions right it can be an amazing Snowsports experience!

We aim to keep you all informed through emailing and social media over the coming weeks and months. we will update you all with information as soon as we know what to expect.

As always,

Stay Safe, Healthy, Happy & keep in touch.

Don't be strangers and keep the optimism alive.

From all the team at


Baqueira Snowsports Academy

and all our partners.

All the best from

Ali Julie and the team!


Ski With You All Soon

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