Ski Definition Ltd 

Snowsports Professional's 

During the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Where and when courses are being delivered in the UK or Europe. Ski Definition will ensure that all clients will be protected and we will all follow the guidelines in place from all the in door & out door centres, plus any resorts that we use during these times. The correct protection will be warn and any procedures adopted by any venue or resort visited, will be followed directly. All persons using Ski Definition Ltd, please make sure you have the appropriate insurance to make sure you are covered in these indifferent times we are in. Ski Definition Ltd will guarantee a full refund or transfer of booking where discussed between client and Ski Definition ltd to ensure the good will of the company and client is upheld in the professional manner the booking was made. When Ski Definition ltd is delivering IASI courses within venues and resorts in the UK & Europe, all the same above procedures will apply and any additional IASI protocol will be followed also.


Thank You!

We would like to take this opportunity to that all clients for thier support during these difficult times and helping us quickly and smoothly get through any transfer requests or refunds quickly. Rebooking's are very much appricated and we look forward to returning to the slopes in the UK & Europe.  


Ski Definition will be working closely with all our partners in resorts across Europe to make sure all bookings for European travel are not disrupted with the changes to travel with Brexit. We will also work closely with our partners, European countries to make sure all staff that will be used when delivering Ski Definition Ltd courses in Europe will have all the correct paper work, permits and contracts in place to make sure the rules, laws of the counties we are travelling to are adhered to always.