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IASI Level 1

Ski Instructor Exam 

IASI Level 1

June2020-Cancelled-New 2020 Date

Venue:The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead.

Dates: 19th /20th /21st + 27th /28th June 2020.

Duration: 6 day course delivered over 5 days.

Minimum: 4 Persons for course to run- maximum 8.

Qualification: Alpine Level 1 

Outcome: Work on dry ski slope & indoor centres 



IASI Level 1

October 2020 - UK Hemel TSC 

Venue:The Snow Centre Hemel Hempstead.

Dates: 2nd /3rd /4th + 10th /11th October 2020.

Duration: 6 day course delivered over 5 days.

Minimum: 4 Persons for course to run - Maximum 8.

Qualification: Alpine Level 1 

Outcome: Work on dry ski slope & indoor centres 



IASI Level 1

December 2020 - Spain, Baqueira

Venue: Baqueira-Beret, Spain.

Dates: 14th - 19th December 2020.

Duration: 6 day course.

Minimum: 4 Persons for course to run- Maximum 8

Qualification: Alpine Level 1 

Outcome: Work on dry ski slope & indoor centres 



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Award Modules 

Step 3 

To Complete the award, follow the below steps 1 - 2 - 3:

1: 20 hours Shadowing

2: 2 day First Aid outdoor

3: Safe Guarding Children  

Certificate &


On completing the modules. Submit your forms, certificates to IASI administration. Then you will receive your Certificate & Licence  

Ski Definition

Pre Training

If you require pre-training before any exam or would like to know if you are at the level to enter any exam. 

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Safe Guarding

Children Module

Follow the below link to gain access to WorldClass Training to complete the Online Module. 

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Link: Safe Guarding Children

First Aid Course

2 Day outdoors

Follow this link to gain access to WorldClass Training to complete this 2 day First Aid Module including outdoors element. 

Link: 2 Day First Aid

20 Hours Shadowing

The 20 hours shadowing or snow school experience, can be undertaken at dry ski slopes, indoor snow centres or in the mountains. Signed confirmation of this is needed. 

Contact us for Shadowing Form

Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors 

Level 1 Ski Instructor - Information 

The Level 1 Ski Instructor is the first award available in the alpine qualification pathway.

Holders of this award can work in the closed environment of an artificial slope or indoor snow dome. Teaching beginners of all ages from never skiing before, up to basic parallel standard.

You will always have support of a snow school as a level 1 instructor. The award only allows the holders to deliver lessons booked through a recognised snow school and no independent work is allowed. You must always follow the regulations of the snow school and work within the remit of the levels placed by the snow school. 

Skiing Standard for Level 1 Qualification.

To enter the course, the standard of skiing is parallel turns, be able to control you speed and link your turns from the top of a blue run. Some experience of skiing on snow in the mountain environment, is useful, but not always expected. Teaching or coaching experience is useful, but again not essential. The ability to ski at a basic parallel standard is the main requirement, you will learn new skills during the course with will improve your personal performance and knowledge of snow sports. 

Course Insight for Level 1 Qualification.

You will learn the basics, in teaching skiing, the understanding of the basic principles in skiing performance, awareness in class management, demonstrations of the basic progression snowplough, plough parallel & basic parallel turns. Learn the FIS (safety code of conduct) and most importantly all safety aspects of teaching kids/ adults in a beginner environment. You will be given plenty of feedback in all areas of your performance, Teaching, Demonstrating, Knowledge, Safety, Personal skiing, during the 5 days. Support will always be on hand, with video feedback during the course. Off snow lectures and discussions will help gain various ideas on how to become a good snow sports instructor and begin the pathway to a great new career. 

Additional Modules - Completed around the time of the exam and valid when applying for your licence / certificate. 

Child Protection Module: 

Online Before or After the course

First Aid 2 days:

Before or After the course 

20 Hours Shadowing Lessons:

Logged After the Course 

Email Contacts for IASI Administration: 



Head of Education Irish Association of Snowsports Instructors: 

Jamie Kegan 


Videos below: 

IASI Level 1 Exam Hemel Snow Centre 

IASI Level 1 Exam Norway, Hafjell 

IASI Basic Principles | Progression 

IASI Educator Skiing 

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