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Orthotics - Biomechanics - Gait Analysis - Postural Realignment 

We can not recommend this excellent company, more highly, who have organised our lead trainer Ali Smith's Orthotics. The highly professional and approachable team of

Norbert Cauvas, Matthew Collison, Kristin Hayward & Hugo, are all so welcoming and supportive. Having the Orthotics built from scratch and placed into Ski Boots, Trainers and Walking boots. They feel superb, comfortable and most of all, supportive to the point you don't know they are there.


Foot Factor Statement "It takes 90 minutes to complete a full Gaint Analysis, Biomechanical Assessment and create your bespoke orthotics. They are ready to wear when you leave". They certainly live up to their statement and are in constant communication with you through the whole process. Try them for yourselves. Thank you to Matthew Collison who built the orthotics for Ali Smith.  

Foot Factor is delighted to offer a 10% discount on ski and full length orthotics to Ski Definition clients.

Please quote Ski Definition when booking.


Foot Factor orthotics offer a unique, bespoke fit. After a full assessment with our podiatrist the orthotics are made with you present in the workshop, you participate at all stages. This means that your feet, footwear and also lifestyle and preferences are all considered resulting in a very precise fit, perfect support and a slim fit.


Orthotics reduce the risk of injury as your feet are fully supported in your ski boot or other shoes. They improve the connection between feet/boots/skis/snow so movements are more quickly transferred for improved performance. Bespoke support relieves the tensions so foot, ankle, shin, knee and hip issues are often resolved with orthotics and they will improve gait, posture, biomechanics and alignment.


Amy Curran and Matt Collison are highly experienced MSK podiatrists specialising in sports.

Their expertise goes beyond simply making orthotics. We offer a holistic service with advice, free follow up appointments if needed and even straightforward rehab exercises or referrals to our excellent network of physios and consultants.


Free consultation – 30mins to discuss your situation and understand how orthotics will help you.

Full appointment (bespoke orthotics) – 1.5hrs, the orthotics are ready to wear when you leave.

45mins (semi-custom orthotics)  – we’re introducing semi-custom orthotics at a lower cost in the near future. These offer standard support however don’t include the bespoke fit, full assessment, free consultation or follow up appointments.


We now also offer Semi-Custom orthotics – £195

These are a great alternative if fully bespoke orthotics are not affordable. They’re pre-made but still moulded precisely to the client’s feet and footwear.

They provide excellent support and stability but as they’re pre-made they can’t be as finely tuned to an individual client as the fully bespoke orthotics. However, there is still a podiatry assessment during the appointment before the orthotics are made, something that is not offered by a sports shop or boot fitters.


If someone is experiencing pain or an injury then fully bespoke orthotics are advisable.


Please call 020 7631 0077 to book your appointment or email (quoting Ski Definition) for more information.

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Telephone: 020 7631 0077

Feel for to speak to us about what they do so well or contact them yourselves to make an appointment. 

Thank you to all at the Foot Factor team.

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