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Terms & Conditions 

a) Snow

Whilst we obviously cannot guarantee snow, all our resorts we use are chosen for their reliable snow records. Many of the resorts we use also have the advantage of glaciers, which ensure snow almost all year round. Snow conditions can change dramatically overnight, and will not be accepted as a valid reason for you to cancel your holiday. If there is such poor snow that the lift company and instructors in resort decide that you are unable to ski, we will endeavour to transport you daily to another ski area.

High Altitude Resorts: You should be aware that some people experience difficulties in high altitude resorts and it may be advisable to seek advice from your doctor before travel if you have any medical conditions which this may exacerbate.

Where a resort is described as being at high altitude or with “guaranteed snow”, this describes a resort with skiing over 2000 metres on its area lift pass and with a history of reliable skiing, but does not mean that skiable snow is guaranteed on all runs and all altitudes at all times or on the slopes of that individual resort. Where accommodation is described as offering “doorstep skiing” or “ski-in/ski-out” this is obviously subject to individual skiers’ ability and snow conditions in resort. This is generally defined as being possible to ski to/from a point within 50m of that property, but may be obstructed by paths or foliage.

Early and late season holidays particularly, and potentially other dates, may sometimes be affected by the closure of certain resort facilities due to maintenance/refurbishment, poor weather conditions or lack of tourists. Examples include some ski-lifts and/or ski areas, ice-rinks, bus or public transport services, shops, bars and/or restaurants, activities advertised either within a particular property or the resort itself.. As such resort facilities are not owned by ski definition Ltd and we have no control over their operation and in many cases are not given notice of their closure, we cannot accept any responsibility should such facilities be withdrawn, curtailed or moved (for example in the case of the location of children’s ski areas) at any time. ski definition Ltd cannot accept responsibility for any losses incurred as a result of industrial action in resort e.g. strike action by lift operators, bus drivers, ski schools etc.

b) Flight Delays

If your flight is delayed and you “lose” a day’s equipment or lift pass, we regret that we are not able to make any refund in respect of pre-booked equipment or lift passes. A pro-rata refund should be claimed from your travel insurance.

Special Needs: If you have any special requirements, it is essential you bring these to our attention at the earliest opportunity, as some accommodation and resorts may be found to be unsuitable. It is therefore important you provide us promptly with details of your requirements. 


c) Transfers

These are approximate and do not include refreshment/toilet stops. The times may also be affected by weather, road and traffic conditions. In particular, congestion during continental school holidays can cause delays, as may road closures due to roadworks, avalanche risks etc. We ask for your understanding accordingly if, faced with forecasts of heavy snow and/or heavy holiday traffic, we need to arrange your homeward transfer earlier than normal to allow extra time to reach the airport. Although many coaches are equipped with wc’s they are not always available for use for a variety of reasons. European coaches do not always have fitted seat belts. Transfers will endeavour to drop you off directly outside your accommodation wherever possible, but there may be times where, due to adverse weather conditions or other circumstances beyond our control, this may not be possible. We will not accept liability for this and no compensation will be offered where you are required to walk some distance to your accommodation. No liability will be accepted if a diversion causes a delay at the arrival airport and/or a longer than advertised transfer to resort.

d) Cancelling any part of your booking - mountain courses 

If you wish to cancel the holiday of one or more members of your party, the party leader, must advise us immediately by writing to us skidefinitionbookings@gmail.com  Verbal cancellations will not be accepted. Cancellation periods are calculated from the date your written notification of cancellation is received in our offices. If you cancel prior to the scheduled date of departure, you will be liable to pay the cancellation charges set out in the table below. The term “total holiday cost” in the table means the total holiday cost for all persons cancelling and shown on our invoice and includes extras.  If one member of your party wishes to cancel, this may mean that the accommodation booked will be under-occupied and result in the other members having to pay any additional applicable supplements or child discount changes to retain the booking.

If you choose to cancel your holiday on the day of departure due to circumstances beyond our control, e.g. as a result of an extended flight delay, no compensation or refunds will be payable by ourselves and any such claims should be forwarded to your insurers. Insufficient snow in resort is not considered a reason to cancel.

Period before scheduled departure date when your cancellation notice is received

Cancellation charge expressed as a % of total package cost

70 days or more: Deposit/package 100% refund

42 - 69 days: No deposit 0% Package 50% refund

22 - 41 days: No deposit 0% Package 20% refund

0 - 21 days: No deposit 0% Package 0% refund 

Departure day/no show: No deposit 0% Package 0% refund 

d-2) Cancelling UK private lessons / group day courses 

Full payment is required in advance of all lessons- minimum 7 days before lesson date. Only once dates have been confirmed & payment received will the lessons be guaranteed. Please book with as much advanced notice as possible to guarantee your booking.  

Cancellation of any UK private or group lessons.

15 days or more             100% refund

11-14 days                     50% refund 

5-10 days                       25% refund

0-4 days                         0% refund

d-3) UK Exams & 5 day courses 

Cancellation charge expressed as a % of total package cost

70 days or more: Deposit/package 100% refund

42 - 69 days: No deposit 0% Package 50% refund

22 - 41 days: No deposit 0% Package 20% refund

0 - 21 days: No deposit 0% Package 0% refund 

Departure day/no show: No deposit 0% Package 0% refund 

d-4) If Ski Definition Ltd cancelled any lesson / group or package a full refund will be made, only if payment has been made. 

e) In-Resort

Any activities, excursions or ski packs that you may choose to book or pay for in addition to your package holiday either at the time of booking, before your departure or whilst you are on holiday are not part of your package provided by us. For any activity, excursion or ski pack not booked as part of your package, your contract will be with the provider of the activity, excursion or ski pack and not with ski definition Ltd. Where you have booked an activity, excursion or ski pack before departure or in resort we act as a Booking Agent for the provider of the activity, excursion or ski pack. We are not responsible for the provision of the activity, excursion or ski pack or for anything that happens during the course of its provision by the provider. Please note this includes all sporting activities including hazardous activities. It is your responsibility to act with due care at all times and to be insured to the levels reasonably required for your circumstances and the activity concerned. Some activities rely on satisfactory levels of snow and/or ice and should the levels be inappropriate, providers will do their best to offer alternative activities. Parents are reminded that children must remain under their control at all times. Age limits or qualifications apply to several activities, e.g. a full driving licence is often required and must be produced on request before driving snowmobiles, and passport evidence may be required. Strict drink-driving laws apply to snowmobile driving, as with any vehicle. No guarantee is given as to the specific length or time duration of each activity and some activities will require excess payments to be made for insurance purposes to partake in that activity. Each specific supplier will provide more details in resort. Minimum numbers and/or suitable weather conditions are required for certain activities to take place. If the required numbers are not reached, or the weather prevents the activity taking place at all during your holiday, or the activity is withdrawn by the provider for any reason, any refunds must be negotiated directly with the provider and cannot be guaranteed by ski definition Ltd as we act as an agent and are not responsible for the provision of the service or activity normally. No refunds or compensation will be paid by the service providers if you simply change your mind about taking part in an activity after booking it, or miss the transport provided, or fail to arrive at the designated meeting point on time, or, in your or the provider’s judgement, cannot physically cope with the activity. (If the latter is due to a physical injury, you should claim under your travel insurance policy.) Any arrangements made by you independently of our company are entirely at your own risk and you should make sure you are appropriately insured.

f) lessons

Ski definition ltd ski lessons in European countries are provided, however skiing and snowboarding are hazardous activities and you undertake them at your own risk. We strongly recommend full skiing insurance is purchased prior to your ski trip with us, as we cannot be held responsible for any injury, losses or accidents which may occur during your lessons with our instructors. The instructors will choose the appropriate terrain for the level of skiers or boarders in their lessons,  this may or may not be between piste markers or off piste if conditions are appropriate. Please ensure that you have adequate insurance to ski off piste. In some off piste specific sessions you will be required to wear avalanche safety equipment. Ski definition Ltd reserves the right to remove skiers/snowboarders from sessions if they do not have the appropriate safety equipment. Our instructors have the right to exclude any pupil from the lesson or to move them to another level if they feel any skier/snowboarder is at risk. All ski definition Ltd ski/snowboard instructors are mountain qualified which includes off piste tuition.


g) Ski definition package price includes hotel, ski lessons and transfer. We do not include flights, sport or travel insurance, and or any hire equipment. With regards to your flight should you encounter delays or cancellations you should ensure that your own travel insurance policy provides a reasonable level of cover for such events. If you consider that you have a claim under EC261/2004 regulations in the event of a flight delay or cancellation you should approach the airline concerned,

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