Ski Definition Team

Our team of professionals hold the following qualifications with association memberships.

In this section of our site we hope to give you an insight as to what each association stands for:

IASI:  IASI is the national awarding body for snowsport instructors in Ireland.

IASI has a 4 level Alpine system with the top levels recognised world wide. Ski, Snowboard, Telemark, Race Coach

& Freestyle Coach, Off Piste 1 + 2. Holders of the Level 3 Instructor with the Off Piste Levels 1 can teach 

intro off piste, holders of the Level 4 Instructor + Level 2 Off piste and teach development off piste..

SwissSnowsports: Swiss Snowsports is the federal governing body of Switzerland. 

The Swiss system, starts with children qualification, through to fully certified to operate a snow school with the 

Brevert Federal Diploma. Ski, Telemark, Snowboard & Nordic qualifications. 

Snowsports Scotland: The SSS qualification system is UK based and has levels 1 & 2 for instructing, with levels 

3 & 4 for coaching with he IVSI international coaching stamp. Levels 1 to 3 in race coaching & Levels 1 & 2 in freestyle. 

BASI: BASI in the national training and awarding body for snowsport instructor qualifications in the UK.

Instructors can qualify in 5 disciplines, Alpine, Snowboard, Telemark, Adaptive and Nordic. 

Austrian Registration:

Our snowsports team is officially registered in the state of Tirol / Austria where we are legally permitted to teach,

coach and guide as part of an agreed framework. Our team are also registered in Tirol with their professional qualifications

(Diploma schilehrer / Landeschilehrer).

Italian Registration: 

Our snowsports team is officially registered in the state of Trento / Italy where we are legally permitted to teach,

coach and guide as part of an agreed framework. Our team are also registered in Trento with their professional qualifications

(Recognition of Level 3 & 4 qualifications only within Diploma recognoition).


Our snowsports team is officially recognised in Switzerland, where we are legally permitted to teach,

coach and guide as part of an agreed framework. Declaration of weeks, months or season long work, 

is always required in advance for all work undertaken. 



Our snowsports team is officially registered in Spain with the government authorities and works with our partners, in resort,

to follow or local and government procedures to allow the team to work within Spain. 


Our snowsports team is officially registered in Norway with the government authorities and works with our partners, in resort,

to follow or local and government procedures to allow the team to work within Norway. 

Declaration of all our instructors working in resorts, is always in place and following the correct procedure,

to allow our customers to have our snow sports team, working with them, legally with in resorts. 

Ali Smith has been teaching fulltime for 29 years, around the world, from Europe to Australia.Qualifications: Level 4 Instructor, Level 4 Development Coach, Swiss Brevet Federal Full Certification, Austrian Landesschilehrer, Race Coach level 2, Snowboard & Telemark Level 1. Holder of the ISIA card & IVSI coaching licence. IASI Ireland Alpine Educator & SSS Scotland Alpine tutor. Swiss Brevet Federal Full Cert, Australian & Austrian qualified, during his time in each country. Head UK sponsored skier. Represented Ireland at InterSki 2015 in Argentina & Bulgaria 2019. 

Julie Smith is the brains behind the scenes, that helps pull all this together. When you get in contact with us, Julie will be the person that replies and organises, what we can do for you. Julie has been skiing for 9 years now, and loves the mountain environment, her passion is to spend as much time as possible, on the slopes and enjoying the Apres ski with friends. Recently Julie has started on the Instructing pathway, obtaining her level 1 Alpine ski qualification and looking at going for her level 2. Julie keeps all us guys in check, when we are all in resort. 

Duncan Adamson has been teaching full time for 29 years around the world, from Europe to New Zealand. Qualifications: Level 4 instructor, Level 4 Coach. Holder of the ISIA card & IVSI coaching licence.IASI Ireland Educator & SSS Scotland Alpine tutor. Duncan owns his own teaching company International Snowsport School, organising lessons in the UK & Europe, main base being Baqueria-Beret, Spain.     


Guy Nason has been teaching in the UK on the dry ski slopes & Europe for 20 years, Seefeld, Mayerhofen & Hintertux, in the great Ziller Valley. Qualifications: Level 3 Instructor ISIA, Coach IVSI with IASI & BASI. Guy runs regular training sessions in the UK and works closely with Ski Definition & Alpine Coaching during the winter seasons, delivering courses in Austria, Italy & Spain. 

Gav Learmonth has been a World Cup & Olympic Coach for the British team & full time & teaching full time for 29 years, in Europe & Canada. Qualifications: Level 4 instructor, Level 4 coach. IASI Ireland Snowboard Educator & Head of Snowboard for the association & a SSE England / Scotland SSS tutor. Gav also runs his own Snowboard company Definition Snowboard Camps & Method Snow School in Bulgaria.  

Si Wilkinson has been teaching for 18 years around Europe, in Switzerland & Austria. Qualifications: BASI Level 4, with Euro test to complete. Si was Head Snow School Snozone CAS/MK, he also has his Applied Batchelor of Science Degree in Psychology. Working as a designer and builder of trampoline parks in the UK & Europe. Photographer & Blogger, to add to his skills, as well, with the occasional surfing session. 

Pete Gillespie has been teaching full time for 30 years around the world, from Europe to Argentina. Qualifications: Level 4 Instructor, Level 4 coach, Holder of the ISIA card & IVSI coaching licence. IASI Ireland Alpine Educator, England SSE tutor. Pete is Head of the snow school, at The Snow Centre Hemel and also owns the ski teaching company Alpine Coaching, organising courses in Austria, Slovenia, and many resorts across Europe. 

Dan Gillespie has  been teaching full time for 12 years around Europe & the UK, working in Switzerland the past 3 Years. Level 4 Instructor (teach / tech) & Level 3 Coach, Snowboard Lv1


JP Mcarthy has been teaching full time for 12 years around the world, Europe to Australia. Level 4 instructor Level 2 coach. BASI Alpine ISTD 

Alex Leaf has been teaching full time for 37 years around the world, Europe to Canada. Level 4 instructor Level 4 coach. BASI Alpine ex-trainer 

Scott Hammond has been teaching full time for 25 years working & living in Norway full time. Started teaching in European resort of Verbier, Switzerland, before teaching across Europe. Scott is a highly talented Skier & TeleMarker. Qualifications included Level 4 Alpine Instructor & Level 4 Telemark Instructor. Also being an Educator / Examiner for both Alpine & Telemark. Massively experienced and good fun to ski with.  

Andy Kerr has been teaching for 8 years now & does a lot of work in Milton Keynes indoor snow centre, running the development coaching sessions. He is a qualified Level 2 looking to move forward with his higher levels of qualifications foe Level 3 and Race Coach licence. He is great fun, excellent teacher and the kids love him.  

Zac Turner has been teaching for 28 years full time, now part time, across Europe & America. He has become qualified in the British, Irish and American systems, whilst working his way through his teaching career. Living in Spain now, he skis the Spanish Pyrenees every season. A talented ski racer in his younger days, still loves the thrill of the speed events. Level 2 & Race Coach qualified working through his Level 3. Great Instructor and always has some great one liners to keep you all going.  

Lawrence Matthewman has been teaching for 10 years now and has worked across Europe. He is currently working through his Level 4 qualification. He has a lot of experience working as a full time/ part time instructor for a few different snow schools. He is based in the UK now, and travels to work in the Alps during the winter season. He also teaches in the UK snow domes and the rolling carpet centres. He's a great teacher with a great sense of humour. 

Neil Presence has been teaching for 28 years now and has worked across New Zealand & Europe. He started his teaching career on the dry ski slopes at Hemel Hempstead and still teaches from time to time at The snow centre Hemel, indoor snow dome. Neil is highly experienced and only has his language to finish off his IASI Level 3 qualification, also holds the Norwegian Level 1 Telemark qualification. He runs his own interior design company and family man, but still hits the mountains every year. Great asset to the team.